Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coming up for air

I've had a very hectic couple of weeks, and all is calm and manageable now. The time sure has flown by. I only just realised it is February.  It seems we are returning to Mumbai in 15 days, this time for our first cycle. Wow, mind blowing, we could actually be pregnant in as little as four weeks. Or not. There is always that "it won't work for us" thought in the back of my mind, there, I guess, to protect me from disappointment. realistically, with an ED and surrogate, we have a 50-60 per cent chance of success on the first try. I keep telling myself these are very goods odds, but I wouldn't be gambling a $50,000 offer for $100,000 on Deal or No Deal with those odds.

I've had to disappear off line for a couple of days to collect my thoughts, and clean my house after our crazy big effort of getting AISA and the website together. The site is still down while I fiddle with the pages. Unfortunately Bob is the one who knows how to put the site online, so I can't get it up there without his help. Alas poor techno-dumbo me.

Our little house is almost clean and tidy enough to allow visitors in, not that we get many. We received the building estimation and it came well within our budget (phew!). We're just waiting for quotes from two builders and a quote from a project manager, then we can proceed.

I really want to get our plans into council for approval before we head for Mumbai. The approval process with our council can take 6-10 weeks, and builders would not start in site until April. Sometimes the world does not go as quickly as one would like.

Today I am demolishing a big ugly old built in cabinet. Why? Because I can. I've hated the thing since we moved in nearly three years ago, and while it has served its purpose, it's time to go. As for the diet an exercise plan, well, heh, it's okay, no weight on but no weight off. I think I'll go back to trying a little harder now I'm not so busy.

Better go and book some flights. Not long now.


Tigerlilycat said...

Great to see you back... We all missed you and Bob


Amani said...

Yar yar yar, like we don't speak on the phone every day TLCatz

Towley said...

Amani you have a lot on your plate by the sounds of it. A bit of a juggling act hey?

I spoken to travel agent yesterday to get a quote on accommodation and flights. He will email me today !

Jaymee said...

WOW a clean house, something I may never see again unless I move. So excited that things are moving along.

TAG you are it. (now that you can upload pictures all by yourself)