Saturday, February 14, 2009

Follie count is in! Happy days!

Follie count is 12-15. That is 12 good and big and happy, and three smaller, but good and happening, on day 9, which is very early.  There is a good chance more follies will show up, but we don't care, 12-15 is more than enough.

What can I say? We are super relieved.

We had a really tense day that has turned to joy. Our Aussie buds, the tigerlilycats were waiting for their week eight scan. Week eight was when it all fell apart for them last time. Of course they have been feeling tender.

Good news all round. The TLCs have two healthy 8 week old bubbas with good cardiac activity.

So cool!!!!

I guess it is time for Aunty Indian-Surro-IP Amani to name their babies. I introduce to you:

Hector and Leviticus.



Sara said...

Awesome numbers! I can't wait to hear the next update!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited, I am with you all the way. I wish I could be with you, as you were with us during our time in Mumbai. I am thinking of you daily and look forward to every update and every post.

Tower and I are thinking of you both and we cant wait to hear more updates.

Congratulations on the great number of follies

Joy and Tower

jojo said...

great news all round! well done everyone. x

word ver was 'ballo', as in your surro's tummy's going to me a huge ballo soon.

JourneyofHope said...

Wow - that's awesome news - You are almost THERE!