Friday, February 6, 2009

Just skyped with our docs and C and S

I am so full of emotions right now.

Our ED angel started her shots today. I want to phone our ED agency every second to ask how she is. I want to ask every question as though I were going through the process myself.

Just now our surro-angel C and her husband S  were on skype via SI. S was his usual enigmatic self, trying to hog the camera and practise his English on me.  C was her usual shy and giggly self. I do so love these people.

Unfortunately the webcam connection at SI is not so great. I do not know if it is because they are using dial up, or if they are in an area where they can only use dial up and have no access to broadband.  Anyway, I am happy to have as much communication as I can.

To anyone reading this who is thinking about going with a clinic that does not allow you to meet your surrogate, I have to say to you, please reconsider. This is an amazing journey and meeting the women who carries your child is just so fulfilling and sweet and right. You will miss out on so much by not meeting the woman who will carry your child or children. I was terribly afraid of meeting C and S, and was told my those who had been there before me, that the experience would be good. And it was. It was even better than good.


Jim said...

:) Colleen and I are exited for you both!

Mike and Mike said...

Getting close! We're sending good thoughts your ED's and Surro's Way.

Mike A.

P.S. Our clinic, we just found out recently, changed they're policy about meeting the Surros. It is important, we didn't have that opportunity.

Amani said...

Did they really?! That is awesome. I am so glad to hear that, though it's a bugger you missed out .. anyway ... fantastic to hear

Rebecca said...

Good luck on your cycle, may it be your only one needed.