Friday, February 20, 2009

Mumbai Day 2

Yesterday our ED angel gave us the precious gift of eight little eggies, all mature and all injected. We're waiting for news of fertilisation, but the docs are so busy with the February Crew it's hard to get them on the phone. Two of our Sun and Sand couples are transferring today and two of us transfer tomorrow. We've all decided that our attempts to conceive have not worked in the past so we're going with the recommendation of the docs and doing two-day tranfers. It's in the hands of fate now.

Last night Jax and Amer arrived, and we went to dinner at del Italia with the humblebees and fromus. The humbleebees have hit the ground running, they are so tired and i don't think reality has caught up with them yet. They retired early (midnight) while our new old friends the Jaxusas and Bob and I kicked on way past three. We got very inebriated to say the least and yours truly didn't crawl out of bed until 3pm. I haven't had so much drunken silly fun for ages, it was a fantastic night. We adore the couples we've been blessed to meet on this strange surrogacy journey.

Before getting pissed and silly at dinner we toured Hirandandi (still can't spell it) hospital. It is fantastic to say the least. It looks like a large opulent hotel. If hospitals were rated on a one to five star scale, this hospital is an eight. It is better than any private hospital I've seen in Australia, and we have an excellent private health care system. The medical facilites are new and top quality. The delivery room has a round roman bath for labour as well as all the medical necessities. There is a NICU for our bubs to be cared for until IPs arrive if bubs come early, and each bub has his or her own nurse. One on one care, you sure don't get that in Australia. There is an operating theatre a 20 second ride around the corner from the delivery suite if a caesarian section or other surgical intervention is needed.

We met Dr Soni and were all very very impressed. She is a straight-foward, no bullshit type of gal, with a beautiful warmth and smile. I asked about the caesarian rate and she said she takes nothing to chance, at the first sign of a trouble she will do a caesar, but noted that "most surrogates have already had two or three chiodren so they are fine to push them out". She mentioned just that morning she had delivered twins, one of which was lying sideways, "So I turned him round and yanked him out by the feet". Sounds like even babies don't get their own way with Dr Soni. At present Dr Soni has 26 labouring women which she will deliver when their time comes. You can see she has delivered so many babies she is excellent at what she does and we feel in very safe hands. Of course there are other doctors ready to deliver and more than one delivery suite if two women need assistance at the same time.

The parent rooms at the hospital are great. I was thinking they would be something a bit dodgy that we would flee from asap. Not at all. They are clean, bright, rather surigcal, as one would expect in a hospital, and more than adequate. They have a small kitchenette, microwave, table and chairs, a hospital bed and a single bed, or two single beds and a baby cot. The bathrooms are new. Parents have 24/7 access to a nurse and you can order the hospital food, but you don't have to.

I managed to sneak a video of the room and its facilities for you, with the assistance of the humblebees who distracted our tour guide while I hid behind a wall with the camera. I'll post this to youtube when we return. While the space is small, and has the sterility of a hospital, it is so much better than I imagined and we will feel perfectly comfortable staying there.

The tigerlilycats arrive tonight. They will be in transit right now. I don't think my stomach will be up to having a drink with Nik tonight, and we have our transfer tomorrow, so it won't be another 3am affair. Besides, we have the cricket match tomorrow and the international team needs all its brain cells in place so we can thrash the pants off Team SI.


John said...
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Johnny & Darren said...

My anxious wait for an update is over and I can now go to bed.

Glad all is moving along smoothly for you both and knowing that the docs are extra busy!

Best of luck with the cricket tomorrow.


Carrie Jo said...

Isn't Dr. Soni great? We loved her! And I still can't spell the hospital name, either. Best of everything with your transfer. I am praying and praying and praying for you all!

JourneyofHope said...

congrats on your ed's retrieval. I am sitting on the edge of my chair for you all. Best of luck at transfer. Give my love to jojo!


Eskimo said...

Ooh, GOOD LUCK!!! Crossing absolutely everything that I have for you guys.