Sunday, February 22, 2009

We have six bubbles

Six of our eight eggs fertilised and yesterday we had four A-Grade and two A-B Grade. We transferred three A-Grades to our surrogate, Mrs C. We got to spend some time with Mrs C prior to transfer, with Asha from SI translating for us. Mrs C is very shy, yet she has a determined and strong personality. I think I was annoying her by continually asking if she was happy and okay to do this. Asha told me she said to not worry, 'It will all be fine". I don't think a negative has crossed her mind. I love her positivity.

I accompanied Mrs C to transfer and thanked her, but didn't stay. I felt awkward and I wanted to give her privacy. I did get to see our three embies on a screen. They were so beautiful. Two were big fat healthy four cells and one had two fat cells that looked like they were about to pop. I laughed when I saw her and thought, that's the fat baby from my dream the other day.

I have the prettiest embryos ever. And they are very smart embies. One was playing piano and the others were debating philosophy, they are so advanced for their age. When I returned to Bob in the cafe and told him how beautiful and clever our future babies were, the tears came. For the rest of the morning I wandered around in my own happy little world, with a silly grin plastered across my face, relieved our bubbles were safe and snug with Mrs C.

Mrs C is in the clinic with eleven surrogates, all in the two week wait. We will see her again today because our dear tigerlilycats have invited us to their eight week scan. What an honour. I know at least two of us will be tearing up (Cheryl and Nikola). We will also meet the Channel 7 crew that the catz have carted over to India with them. So far the story is going really well, and presenting the positive aspects of surrogacy in India, as well as tackling the harder ethical questions. I've been really paranoid about television media after seeing the promo for tonight's SBS story featuring Dr Patel's clinic. I told Dr S he was bad talent and shouldn't go on camera because he speaks too fast. I told Nik he was like me on acid and possibly worse talent than me. They just laughed at me. These guys are so brave for putting their story out there. No-one else was willing to. We could all hide our stories, take what we want from the opportunity given to us and not give a damn about who comes after us. Some do just that, others choose to do all they can to ensure this wonderful opportunity continues for others, and the catz are shouldering the bulk of the work by allowing themselves to be recognised, criticised and intruded upon.

We leave tonight around 11pm. I am ready to come home. The stay has been short, but so incredibly important. We are in our two week wait. I refuse to let it be torture, I am handing it up to God.


Anonymous said...

Am, great news about the 6 beautiful, healthy embies :-)
Hope the 2ww goes by really quickly for you and I pray that you get a BIG FAT Positive result

Anita xx

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh my I am sooo excited for you!!! Congrats on getting here FINALLY.....crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!

Carrie Jo said...


Congrats on your transfer. I can't wait to se the post telling us all that you're pregnant!

Anonymous said...

We are holding our breath for you. As I read your account of the day, it brought me back to you being there for me on the day of the transfer. Kelly and I wish we could have been there with you both today. What a wonderful day and congratulations on the markedly advanced embies.....

Sticky sticky sticky thoughts!!!!!!

Joy xoxo

crystal said...


That is great news!! All the best

Eskimo said...

whata great update... cant wait to hear more.

Johnny & Darren said...

Great news guys on the embies and transfer. Here's hoping for a swift 2WW and a positive very soon.