Thursday, February 26, 2009

You had your chance

Gutless just wrote a 1000 word diatribe accusing my family of being racist - yet again. I have moderated comments so that anyone wishing to comment has to be a gmail account holder. If Gutless anonymous posts again, I will moderate all comments before they appear. Sorry to those who read and comment, I appreciate your support and words, even if I don't agree with everything everyone has to say.

This is NOT a public forum, it is my blog. To those who are so stupid they cannot understand our issue - my husband's and mine - is with the lack of medical background of the Indian donors, not the freaking colour of their skin, there is no point arguing the toss with a tosser.

To attack the Polish race - hypocritical and racist. BTW, dickwad, our first donor was not Polish or even Eastern European background. I am only seeking superior white skin. Oops! Oh no, I let my true intentions out by mistake, oh dear, on my own blog! How did that happen?

To attack me as a potential parent, despicable. If you really have four children, why aren't you taking caring of them, or spending quality time with them, rather than wasting your time using a stranger's blog as your personal dumping ground. Go find that mirror yourself, that goat can only improve you.

Or go set up your own blog to attack me through. May I suggest or

If any of my "fan cub" wants to have a giggle at the latest diatribe, I'll email it to you. You could print it out and wipe your butts with it.

This is the funniest bit: to attack my husband as racist - well, he must be - he was married to an Indonesian national for 12 years and has two half-indonesian children. Racist, for sure.


Oanh said...


Ignore the idiot. You don't have to justify your decision to anyone. The honesty in your blog is refreshing. Keep on blogging.

Huge hugs!

Amani said...


I know exactly who she is. truly sad. it doesn't worry me, as per usual, she is making a dick of herself and is really unaware that her "Aussie friends" despise her.

Sharon said...

Hello....I pop in and read your blog once in a while and I am sad to see that you have had a Stalker...You are feeding that fire fuel each time you "answer" back in your public blog. I have had spammers on my blog before and really they just feed off of our reaction! I would moderate the comments (and if you are now there is no need to post mine) and get on with sharing YOUR journey. You have helped so many others and I encourage you to forget about idiots that attack you or your race or anything else. They are NOT worth it!

All my best

Amani said...

Thanks Sharon,

yes, i know I am feeding the troll, but at this stage it is fun for me to do so because I know who the person is,and what her agenda is.

I get to lecture her in my strongest of words, and she no longer has right of reply. I'm getting my own back for something that happened months ago, none of her comments hurt me or have any affect on my choices. I'll get bored with her soon and go back to blogging.