Thursday, March 19, 2009

AISA website update ... Australian surrogacy laws

AISA submission to a national proposal for altruistic surrogacy laws for Australia.

The AISA team - Australia India Surrogacy Advocates - is about to update its website. We have asked the  Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) to clarify certain points made in its discussion paper about proposed national surrogacy laws for Australia.

We have a number of questions relating to comments in the paper that relate to commercial surrogacy abroad, in particular suggestions to stop the "exploitation of women from third-world countries" and creating residency requirements for surrogates to "stop Australian accessing commercial surrogacy in any country abroad.  

You will find these questions at the site. We have not, as yet, received answers.

We will also be posting AISA's ideas about the paper which will form our submission. We would like anyone interested in surrogacy, whether it be altruistic surrogacy in Australia, or commercial surrogacy abroad, to visit our site and help us with AISA's submission.

If you get time, please visit in the meantime and have a read. We welcome comments about how we can improve the site. Please use the email addresses on the home page to send us suggestions.

At present there are only four people working on the site and we need ideas and help - not just from Australian citizens, or from those actively pursuing surrogacy in any form.

To our international surrogacy friends
SCAG has confirmed it will accept anonymous submissions and submissions from non-Australian citizens. If you can help us, you will find out how once AISA"s website is updated.

Please help us. We would hate for the opportunity those of us pursuing creation of our families through surrogacy to be denied to those who may come after us.

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