Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bob's blow-up doll ... and other random pics

Bob recently completed a first-aid course for work. He brought home Dolly. Dolly has only half a head and part of a torso, for practising mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac compressions. Dolly cannot be used for other purposes. That is our ugly kitchen in the background. It was laminate woodgrain and lime green with mustard tiles. I painted the cupboards blue a couple of years ago because I couldn't stand the 70s woodgrain. Today I get to look at new kitchens.

This is our baby dog Amber at the dog beach where she runs and swims. I was practising with the action function of our new camera, got sand in the camera and had to fork out $180 to have it repaired. Ouch.

Following in daddy's footsteps. She is such a happy little doggy.

This is part of our river walk through the swampy bit by the river. It is so peaceful.

My arty shot, "Silhouette of man and dog in contemplation". In reality Bob was yelling, "Stop taking photos of me" and Amber was on the lookout for food.

Thanks to everyone for your hope, positivity, prayers and support. I think we find out tonight. My stomach is still doing flip-flops, so it's obvious to me I have not lost all hope. If we get a negative it won't be through lack of prayer. What will be will be. Don't you just hate the fact you can't control nature?!!! 


Carrie Jo said...


I hope and pray that your news is good. Hang in there!

Heather and Jase said...

Love the last shot!

I'll be thinking about you and keeping everything crossed until you blog the results!

Positive thoughts!