Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Filthy money grubbers

Sheesh, the hide of the business sector.

Finally caught up with some TV shows. How the hell can a Macquarie Bank executive accept $24.7 million dollars for one year's work? Like, does everything he touches turn to gold?

And then I see the USA bailing out companies with tax payers dollars while the executives, who ran the businesses into the ground get paid squillions! 

I thought Obama was moving to stop this type of thing. can't someone put in a law to stop this type of thing? Corporate greed, it's all about the mighty dollar. I am appalled to see what is happening in the US is happening in Australia too.

Not sure where I've been for a week or more, but it sure is nice to have an interest in the global financial crisis and things other than surrogacy.

The only news I want right now is the news on TV. No more tests, no more results, zip ... one needs a period of calm after the storm.


Rick said...

President Obama probably hasn't done anything because his campaign received $101332 directly from AIG and $136928 from one of their affiliates AIG Financial Products.

Amani said...

Ahh, I saw a bunch of senators/congressmen on the news using very strong language about corporate greed and AIG.

Michaela said...

it's good to expand your thoughts away from what theyve been consumed with for so long... you're right...a little calm AFTER the storm..

the economic crisis, however, is so monumental, that even scholars, nobel prize winners in the field, cannot understand the enormity -- or offer any concrete solutions. this thing has been a long time in the making, and will be a long time in the undoing. AIG aren't the only corporation that are dubious. the whole institution needs looking at. One great quote -- I can't remember who said -- was "If a company is too big to manage, it is too big" and that is the issue right now. These companies just kept growing, and growing, with no regulation.

Socialized ideas are not dirty.

I saturate myself in issues like this.. and not just 'mainstream' wank that most people read and take for truth....! :)