Friday, March 27, 2009

Mixed result

We heard from Dr Yash. Mrs C had a scan yesterday at seven weeks. As yet, no heartbeat detected and bubble is "a little slow growing". Dr Yash says not all heartbeats are detected at seven weeks, so maybe implantation happened a few days later. Mrs C has been put into the clinic as a matter of precaution. The docs are taking very good care of her. She is not bleeding or in any pain, and there is no sign of miscarriage.

It's not the awesome fantastic "we have a heartbeat and everything is on track" news I had hoped for, but Dr Yash said she thinks bubble will catch up, these things happen. From my google  research I see many cases where heartbeats aren't detected at seven weeks, so I'm not giving hope. Mrs C also has a slightly anteverted uterus which may make scanning at this stage a little difficult.

We will have more tests next week. Dr Y says a scan in a week should give us a clearer idea of what is going on. I suspect she won't wait a whole week, but won't tell me exactly what tests will be done and when so that I don't get anxious. That is perfect for me because the anxiety I have the day of a test is quite rotten. I prefer surprise results.

For now, we just sit tight and wait. I am so not good at doing that. 

Mrs C is emotionally and physically well. Her children are being cared for at home by family members. I hope she doesn't get too bored in the clinic the poor love. She is my hero.


Johnny and Darren said...

Thanks for the update....Another week or less. You can keep busy with house renos until then.


jojo said...

you've got exactly the right attitude, Am. Cautious optimism.

If Dr Yash doesn't seem too phased, I'd take that as a good sign. And you're right, there are LOADS of examples out there where lil bub has been a little sleepy at the beginning.

Chin up.

Another week of waiting. Have you found religion yet?

sarah said...
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sarah said...

sorry amani, i didnt mean to make that comment about ME. i follow your blog every day and am hoping things start feeling more positive soon. i can only say we have been through the mill with this progress and i know how hard it is. best wishes

Amani said...

Sarah, you're more than welcome to make comments about you. It's all learning and sharing and communication and growth.

I don't know if I am finding God, or trying to get rid of the God I grew up with (you know, the fearsome one with long white beard sitting in judgement above us).

Carrie Jo said...


The SI doctors are sneaky about not letting you know exactly when tests are going to be done. It's one of their strengths/things about them that drive you crazy.

Hang in there!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Its so hard to sit and wait. The time cannot go fast enough and then we realize we are wishing away our life. I never had a heartbeat til after 8 weeks, so if you can, take comfort in this. I am thinking of you. Stay strong

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I hope the dr is able to find the heartbeat on the next scan. Our baby was like this at the beginning too and has now made it to week 36.

Sarah & John

Sarah and John said...

We just started our website, so now we don't need to post as anonymous.