Sunday, March 15, 2009

No news yet ... Speed demons R Us

The blood test was taken Saturday. I was told I would receive results Saturday. Again that didn't happen. It's just the way the Indian system works. So, today, being Sunday, the labs and SI are closed, so the earliest I will get results is Monday, later afternoon. It is getting really super frustrating. The last blood test was Tuesday last week, I didn't get results until 1.30am Friday morning (Wednesday was a public holiday in Mumbai, so that slowed things down). Such is life.

To get my mind of all things surrogacy we went Go-Karting this morning. I have managed to get out of it the last five times, but promised young Willo I would 100 per cent, double high five, hand shake that I would go. So I had to, no matter how crappy I was feeling.

It was fun. I watched Bob and William speed around the track, their butts 10cm off the ground. Coming round the corner my young friend was so proud of himself, looking up at me, as always, to make sure I was watching him. I felt that "motherly" pride thing rise in my chest to form tears of joy in my throat and eyes, that I always get when this young man achieves anything. His speed demon father had the most intense look of determination on his face every time he sped past. Like father like son, one would whip around like hell on wheels, followed by the other.

Then it was my turn. Hahaha. LMAO, I had to lean forward in the seat cause my fat butt didn't fit all the way in. It was going to be an uncomfortable ten minutes. Being my first time, I started off slow, and felt the track. If you drive a car like you can drive a Go-Kart you'd roll, or at least get up on two wheels. Once I realised I wasn't going to flip it, down went the foot and off I went. Bob, of course, lapped me four or five times, as did Willo. But once I found my inner-racing car driver, there was no more lapping. I never actually passed any other driver, but I did mange to block a kid a bit older than Willo.  While he was fast, I was cunning and I kept taking him from the inside.

When we got back to the pit, Willo said, "Meg, you're meant to let people pass you." Eh? He didn't tell me that in the tips for Go-Kart racing rundown briefing we'd had prior to the race. The kid I had been blocking looked filthy! Oops. But I felt like a victor even though I had majorly pissed off a child.

I thoroughly recommend Go-Kart therapy during the two week wait or beta hell. It is fast, fun and the noise drowns out any worries in your head.

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Johnny and Darren said...

Getting out of go karting sounds like the months I spent trying to avoid paint ball.....

Hoping for a big number for you two guys ASAP.