Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out of the blue

A quick note to tell you that we won't get our results tonight. Argggh, but okay. 

That aside, two good things.

1. The Arkansas Supreme Court , Office of Professional Conduct has emailed us and they are chasing up the lawyer in Arkansas who took $3000 (USD) for which we never even got a statement of accounts. Yah, international client, we send money, they take money, we never hear from them again. Maybe we'll get a few bucks back.

2. We have a new ED agency in South Africa asking us if they can help  to provide egg donors for Aussie, or anyone, going to India for surrogacy. I have no details right now, but if this pans out, we will have a choice of agencies and donors.


Heather and Jase said...

I got tricked! I saw your blog updated and chanted "Please Please Please" as I clicked over. I will be waiting for the results with baited breath!

#1. If they do catch up to them they will get your money back. I had someone steal the money I sent for a gift but once the Alaskan office got involved I had a check for the full amount in less than a month. They don't play.

#2. You guys are rocking the support program for Aussies! Keep up the amazing work!

Amani said...

We are totally over that thieving lawyer from Arkansas, USA. She now has to answer to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

It's just kinda nice that we can do something about it. We don't expect to get any money back, but we can do things to make sure she goes down down down.

Can you believe she was on USA TV as a surrogacy lawyer expert in recent months. And she has taken our money? yet there she is, for the world to see, supporting the surrogacy cuase, while ripping us off?

We are not even asking for the full $3000 back, we're only asking for a statement of her work.

Anonymous said...


Please be careful with US lawyers. There is no specimen more despicable from a professional standpoint these days, with the possible exception of US investment bankers. Whatever language you use against them could ultimately be used against you in a court of law if they decide that the language constitutes slander or libel. I'm not saying that is what you are doing I'm just saying please exercise caution. They can make your life a living hell and force you to incur thousands in legal fees to defend yourself against any action they bring against you.

I'm sure you've already done this but if you haven't every US state has a Bar overseer board at the state level. If you file a complaint with them, they will look into the matter. Also, check with the Attorney General's office of the state to see what they have on file and if you can initiate a complaint. Finally, write to the Senators of this state and also the Congressman or Congresswoman of this lawyer's district and alert them as to your problem. Ditto for the Australian consulate or embassy in the US or the area that represents Alabama. You'd be surprised how "back room" pressure and phone calls made by any of these officials can get things moving for you so that this lawyer refunds you whatever you are claiming. US lawyers guard their reputations so the last thing they want is some kind of disciplinary action in their file. But unless you pursue all avenues - like those I've listed above - they migth ignore your complaint and figure you are not serious or know the ins and outs of exposing them.

Amani said...

Thanks for all that info anonymous. we;ll see what happens with the Arkansas supreme court OPC,but follow up with some of your suggestions. I didn't think about writing to state senators.

I won't lket this drop, even if we don't get any money back, a bit of time annoying her won't cost me anything.

Anonymous said...

Write to the US Senators in addition to the State Senators. Also, Governor of the state. When you write to these folks, they will always respond to you one way or the other. The last thing this lawyer wants is to be on anyone's radar.

Towley said...

Amani I really hope you make this lawyer regret messing you ..

I have managed to track her down through the internet. She is a partner in her own firm and also has a Surrogacy Agency as well. It seems these vultures are in every profession and walk of life.

Mike and Mike said...

Go get em!

Mike and Mike

Bob said...
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