Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The waiting countdown

I'm not sure exactly which day Mrs C has her scan, but at last communication it is at the end of this week. Anxiety is starting to bubble up again. I had an email from Dr Yash on Monday and she mentioned Mrs C was visiting the clinic yesterday, but she didn't say for what purpose. I was hoping it was for a scan. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't ... at any rate, no news yet and I don't know when it's coming.

We have some movement with the building extension. The final quote is in. It is affordable and the contract comes on Monday. Ouch, our mortgage is going to rather large.  No more Louis Vuitton handbags for me (as if).

My hope of all hopes is that our little one is doing well and continues to do well, and I can shift my thoughts from fretting about surrogacy to creating a beautiful abode for my beautiful husband and our beautiful children. Crappy old kitchen - your days are numbered!


Kerrie and Mark said...

I wish we had some updates. Please let us know how the scan goes. What week are you in now..6?

Amani said...

Sadly, we have no updates. We are 7 weeks yesterday. we have no info. Despite trying info.

we just hope the docs answer the phones soon.