Saturday, March 7, 2009

Waiting for the second beta

I think it comes in tonight. For now we are still in zen land. I was up late last night waiting for the call from one close cycle buddy about her beta. Yes, yes, we again fell asleep and missed the blasted call. We woke to a good news text: beta has doubled! Whoot!!! Other great news, two other couples we cycled with have positive results and doubling or more, second betas. 

We did hear news of a couple of negatives and that is such a bummer, and of course, very disappointing. But they have frosties for a FET and strong hearts and wills, and we'll be celebrating with them in a couple of months. I really wish everyone would get  success first-time round. If you've gotten as far as needing surrogacy, everyone deserves good news. 

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Heather and Jase said...

Come on GREAT BETAS!!!!

Congrats to all those who got good news and heartfelt apologies to those who didn't.