Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bubble bubble toil and trouble

Mixed scan results just in: 

The good news: bubble is HUGE! A whole 20.8mm, up from 4.7mm just two weeks ago. She is measuring 8 weeks 5 days, so only two behind in size.

The not so good news: the sonologist reports that "liqour appears to be reduced". Liquor is amniotic fluid, so no, bubble doesn't need a whiskey, but poor Mrs C is again on bed rest while this delinquent child of ours continues to give cause for concern.

Anyway, I refuse to worry about it because it could well be fixed with rest and lots of water ... and there's nothing I can do about it but pray and continue to hope.


Sarah said...

Hi Amani!

Look at your your little big bubble! Congrats! It seems like your clinic isn't doing vaginal u/s's so I would take the results with a grain of salt. I think that internal u/s are so much more reliable in terms of measurements when your little bub is this small.

Heather and Jase said...

Wait til Bub becomes a teenager! You think s/he is giving you trouble now?! BWAHAAHHAHAHA.

Bub, quit giving your mum fits!

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hey there lovie.
I agree with Sarah as far as the vaginal ultrasounds are concerned.

But yes Bubble has grown HEAPS!
Brilliant to see.

Much love to you both

J and D said...

Sounds like things are moving along well for you. YEAH