Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eight weeks today

We are technically at eight weeks today (six weeks from conception). Where has the past week gone? Though bubble last week was measuring a week behind, I am going to assume s/he has caught up and now looks like the pic above.

No news is good news. I am told that a lot of development goes on between 8-9 weeks, so hopefully bubble has found his/her mojo and is doing well.

I spoke with Dr S last night. He sounds very tired, very drained, he's so busy with the business. He reports Mrs C continues to feel good and there are no signs of anything going awry. He said she is one of their best communicators and lets them know of any change or development in terms of how she is feeling and what she is experiencing.

I do so wish it were me carrying bubble, but s/he is so much safer with Mrs C. I've had five shots at pregnancy myself and lost all bubbles at around 5-6 weeks, with one bubble leaving at almost ten weeks. I try not not think about what has gone on before, and keep my mind firmly on the fact that now my wonky body is out of the equation, this is a whole different ball game. Still, I've not been able to get too excited, nor look at any baby related items or even start my pregnancy scrapbook ... just in case. 

I think we get a scan around the end of next week. That's second hand info from my cycle buddy Jax, who tends to get results around the same time as me as we both had EPU on the same day and transferred on the same day. Despite asking the docs to not tell me when a test is coming up, I know anyway ... can't help myself.

This is what bubble will be doing this coming week:
All essential organs have begun to form
Elbows and toes are visible
The fingers have grown to the first joint
Facial features - the eyes, nose, lips and tongue - continue to develop
The outer ears begin to take shape
Organs begin to be controlled by the brain
The length is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch


Heather and Jase said...

I think you just have a late bloomer on your hands. Bubble will catch up!

Kerrie and Mark said...

8 weeks! smokes..time flies. Congrats on 8 weeks...bubbliscious!

Sarah and John said...

Your baby will be fine. My daughter was also smaller than the average size, on all ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, but she had no problem. She was born yesterday, 1 month early, weighs 2.9kg and is perfectly healthy.

Amani said...

Congrats on your daughter. Wow, what a surprise! Big healthy bub for a month early.

Thanks for your confidence, I hope you're right.

jojo said...

i agree with all the ladies above. Your bubble is not in trouble. remember that mantra!

Johnny and Darren said...

8 weeks - WHOOSH!

Time flies hun. How exciting.

Intended Parents said...

8 weeks! Time flies. Can't wait to hear more about your bubble!