Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eleven weeks today!!!

Bubble progress:
Eleven weeks today. One more week and we're out of the first trimester. I know I keep saying it, but heck, we've never gotten this far. I am stoked, and amazed, and feeling ever so grateful.

That's not our bubble in the pic, of course, but one I found on the internet.I am assuming it is a graphic representation of an eleven week old fetus. That's what bubble will kinda look like. She has separated fingers and toes now, and is fully formed, though her head is still almost as large as her body. Apparently they get really big really quickly for here-on-in, and the remaining six months are spent growing and getting fat. Mrs C will start showing soon, and hopefully be through her morning sickness. 

Our next tests are the triple marker test and the nuchal fold scan in a couple of weeks. It is so wonderful not waiting for results every few days as we did earlier in the pregnancy. Results week makes me anxious. For now, I am attacking the home extension with great gusto, driven by a little stress. Sh*t, we only have six months to get an 80sqm extension built!!! This blog will become more of a renovation/preparing for baby blog than a surrogacy blog these coming months. Talk about getting one's butt into gear. I guess that's what babies do to a person ... pull you out of your indulgent life of being child-free to focus solely on them, even if they are only the size of a small lime.

Extension progress:
I've been playing with my leadlights windows. I have removed the leadlights and they are safely with a leadlight specialist who is resoldering a few joins and replacing a bit of broken glass. When the leadlighter came over to collect the window panels, she told me I have $600 worth of glass in each window and $1600 in each door panel. Whoot! I knew I got a great deal. That's $8000 worth of glass in a $4000 purchase. 

However, I discovered six of the window frames aren't jarrah, they are cedar, so I am having new frames made at a cost of $150 per window. That's okay, I'm still way ahead and honestly, it is worth $800 to not have to hand strip layers of crusty old paint from those frames. 

I've started stripping the heavy window frames. OMG. I can't even lift the things they are so heavy. The work is laborious, tedious, and the paint stripper burns, but I am having fun. I don't know why I ever bothered to get a degree, much less go for a second one. I just love doing this hands-on practical work. Over the years I've made a far better income renovating old houses than I ever have as a PR/journo, and I don't have to get dressed for work, wear make-up, talk to people nor play the "professional working woman's" game.

The house plans are not through council yet. They want us to provide for two car parking bays, include a 4 x 4m shed and get a surveyor out to prove our block is dead flat. Why we need two car spaces is beyond me. We live five kilometres from the city where there is a push for high density housing and use of public transport. We're lucky to have a 450SQm block, some blocks for sale in our suburb are as small as 220sqm. Try fitting two car parks on one of those, yeah right. As for the shed, well you've seen our shed, it is a garage, it's huge, it's more than adequate. Anyway, back to the designer to have these requirements included.

We're completing our owner builder's license application. I discovered one does not have to do the OB course to get OB approval from the Builder's registration Board, so that will fast forward things a bit as I don't have to wait until May 15, the date of the OB course, before applying to the council for the license. I need planning approval, and OB approval and a council license before work can start. 

I've lined up my initial quotes for demolition, preparation of the sand pad and am working on finding a plumber to do the pre-lay. After that the concretors come in and lay the slab. It's amazing how much help I'm getting from the tradies who have been trekking in and out of our house these past few weeks. Everyone knows someone who can help. 

So, can I get this done in six months? Maybe. If I keep focussed with my eye on the prize, I should just scrape it in. I doubt it will be all painted and finished and pretty, but baby will survive just fine in the existing house where there is no work going on. Provided I have a functioning kitchen and my washing machine reattached, we'll be okay.

Bubble, as much as I love you and am busting to meet you, please don't come early, we want your palace ready for you my princess.


Heather and Jase said...

Aw she has separated fingers now! Now she can flip me off!

Johnny and Darren said...

11 weeks, only one week to go until the end of your 1st trimester. How exciting

Tigerlilycat said...

See good things happen to good people! With only one week to go until the end of your first trimester we are all jumping for joy for you both. Wishing you both all the best for the next set of test..

Well done once again.


Sara said...

OMG! That picture is like a real baby!!! Amani, I'm thrilled for you!

If you can find a way to make a baby in another woman's body in India, I'm sure you can find a way to complete your project in 6 months! I have total faith!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Time flies! Now get building,...bubbles' on path and may come early!

Anonymous said...

kudos on spending ur time on productive stuff!


Mike and Mike said...

I will never complain about the US building code in our town again. Compare to what you are going through, I could pass snot on a platter through our town and it would get passed! So when do the schedule the colonoscopy for you, or is that only if you don't put in the two car garage?

Mike A.
Mike B. is passed out which I should be right now!