Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grief and gratitude

That's me and Bob.

I guess you all know how we feel right now. Just quickly, we want to say thank you to our surrogacy family and friends. Every single comment we have received and every email of condolence and love, we feel, and we feel deeply and we do feel the love behind the words, and we feel the love behind any lack of words, because sometimes there are no words.

 I am copying all your comments and emails to a document to print out in our baby book. You may have noticed I never put up a baby ticker on this blog. I am so glad I didn't, that would hurt so bad right now. This has always be a high risk pregnancy. As much as I have been hopeful, and when I got down, you all pulled me up, and we have all beaten every odd thrown at us,  bubble is no longer.

I just spoke with Dr Yash. SI re-ran bloods and NT scan reports show bubble no longer has a heart beat. They want to proceed with a termination. In fact, Dr Yash had scheduled a termination for this afternoon, without our approval. We have given no consent to a termination until such time that we see the medical reports. Yes, we know the writing is on the wall, so to speak, but heck, can we please have some proof first?

So, at last communication, no termination today. We are getting the results tonight. We do not approve any termination. Once we see the reports, we will go from there.


Jaymee said...

a billion hugs.

Anonymous said...

peace and love to you both. stay strong and take care of each other.

J and D said...

my deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband.

Lisa RM said...

(gentle hugs)

jojo said...

tag - you're it. see my blog for details. xxx