Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where are our results?

Last report we got from Surrogacy India was Thursday, of last week. It was a one page wonder that indicated we were rooted. It was an incomplete report of one page, and it took so much hell to actually get the second page - the results page, from SI.

Fast track a week later - we are 12 weeks today. And we know bubble has gone.

Have we had one single word of condolence from Surrogacy india? No.

After to many emails and phone calls this past week, we finally got a one page report and a scan. yes, bubble shows no fetal cardiac activity. But that report was done last saturday. We were told bubble had a low heart rate, but the report shows no heart beat. we were told bubble had not grown, yet she had. She actually only measured one week behind. We were told bubble had no amniotic fluid but the report says otherwise "amnio liquid is adequate".

Was the scan done abdominally or transvaginally?

Can we trust that the person doing the scan actually had the ability enough to find a heartbeat? Sonologists miss things all the time with abdominal scans at such an early stage.

Where is our nuchal translucency report? Promised but not provided.

Where is our repeat NT report? Promised but not provided.

Where are our repeat blood tests? The ones with the correct age of our donor on them? Promised but not provided.

Where is the proof that we had more than a one in 10,000 chance of trisomy 18? There is none.

Where is the repeat NT scan and report? Were they even done?

Are we getting karyotyping done? Who the hell knows?

Once things go bad with SI, watch out - no service, no return emails, no return phone calls.

They have just messed around with the wrong person. We now have nothing left to lose with SI. In fact they owe us money, but do you think we'll ever get a receipt? No. Will we ever get a detailed invoice? No. Will we get a refund for the fact that we have been paying for our surrogate to live in new accommodation, yet she never moved. Have they eaten up some or all of the "refundable $2000 deposit we paid"? We'll never know.

Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy. We have no recourse now but to go to the IMRC, and whatever professional association governs IVF/Surrogacy clinics in India.


Sara said...


I believe you, I believe everything you are saying. I'm sorry they took advantage of you, your money, and your hope. I'm so sorry.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hunny, I tried to find some words for you both, in the end, the only thing I can think of that would even touch the sides at the moment in your life is loads of love.

So from us to you, our hearts and strength.

Sara . xo

Jaymee said...


i don't have the words for how i am feeling for you and bob right now. taking advantage of people in our situation is the lowest of the low. even worse in a foreign country where you are relying on them to provide you with so much information. i am sooooooooo sorry that you are having to deal with this, yet again.

please let me know if there is anything that i can do. i may be really far away, but my thoughts are never far from you.

Lisa RM said...

I'm sorry they weren't transparent with you. I'm sorry they didn't respect you. I'm sorry they took advantage of you. I'm sorry that people as depraved as this exist and thrive. The world's cruel, but you are an amazingly strong woman. You'll reach your goals, find your peace, and realize your dreams. Of this I am sure.