Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nine weeks today - I am officially nuts

Nine weeks today. Mrs C will be going to the clinic for a scan in a few hours. Yippeeee. I'm feeling positive. Me, positive!!! But that's not why I am officially nuts.

Guess what I just did. I signed up for an owner builder course and brought home three thick volumes of how to do it.

There you go Jojoterrific, you always ask me about what I doing to satisfy my creativity. Well this is it!

I was basically forced into becoming an owner builder because no builder in Perth will touch an extension without charging buckets of money. Building quotes I received have been different by as much as $260,000 from the cheapest to the highest priced. And none of them are able to accommodate my need to be involved, and to supply a few of my own materials.

So, I'm on my own. I hoped to find a project manager to help me, but there appears to be no such thing. Huge gap in the market there for an experienced project manager, but I guess there's not a lot of money in it otherwise there would be services assist owner builders and project manage their builds.

I did find one company which helps OB. I called "Jim" yesterday and he told me he couldn't take us on because we are an extension/renovation, not a straight forward new build. He did tell me OB was not rocket science provided you have the time and patience, and he encouraged me to try. He even offered to give me his tradies list and help out if (when) I get stuck. Such a nice man.  I am going to employ him as my consultant on an hourly rate to help me with advice. 

Am I excited? Yes. Am I scared? Not at all. Am I naive and have no idea what I am getting myself into? Oh yes, indeedy lordy doodie! But I am a smart girl with buckets of charm, willing to pay good rates and supplement pay with beer. And I have done it once before back in Brisvegas with my first home. So here we go again. Not exactly what I thought I would be doing in my 42nd year of life.

Remember the estimation we paid a whole $450 for? Best money we ever spent. The estimation for demolishing the cheesy 70's extension came to $8300. We'd have had to add builder's margin of 25 per cent to that. I called five companies to quote on the job sans builder. First quote in: $4000. Like, what the?!! So a saving of more than $4000 already.

Maybe I won't have to go lino floors after all. I do know other things will cost more, but the savings will hopefully make up for the unforseen expenses. And if it all falls the crap I know I can go crying to TLC Nik and he'll help me.  Won't you Nik? ... ? ... ?


Tigerlilycat said...

No encouraging Nik to stay in India for any longer than he's already planning too...

[the word verification is canteco - so go techo, you can do it!]

jojo said...

you go girl! if you've navigated your way round surrogacy in india, a home extension will be a walk in the park.

Heather and Jase said...

Honey, if anyone can get this project done it's you! When you set your sights on something you make sure it gets done. I should send you some Care Bear band-aids just in case.

Kerrie and Mark said...

What is an owner builder? Is it a fancy terms for do it yourself (DIY'er)? We do everything ourselves and save so much money. We are almost done with our basement and total cost to us is about 5k and our neighbour hired a contracter and paid 22k.