Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nope, no results

Thursday, no results. Again. An afternoon of wasted phone calls, emails, ... oh I could say so much more.

There was no report on Tuesday night. In fact, this afternoon, that was confirmed. So what the fuck was I told on Tuesday night??? Exactly what report did Dr Yash read to me?  Today, apparently she doesn't have it, never did. She may get it tomorrow. I have no expectations any longer.

My dear husband tells me: "We have always been at the mercy of these people, just suck it up". So true. Oh God, we pay it out, we have so many hopes and drams, we are told it is all above board. Then we discover, it is not.

Honestly, if this clinic wants to be international players in the field of medical tourism, they really have to up their standards to what we expect in the West, if they want Western dollars.. and yes, some of them charge no only western dollars, but more than that. but what choice do we have?

For now, shit, we are stuck. Pregnant (or not) surrogate in the care of SI.

I am so scared.  I can't even post my emotions now because of the stupid-arsed anonymooses, and the Venuses-de-milo-cans who just want to attack but contribute nothing, and care not for the emotions anyone is going through with this whole fucking shit-fight.

I just hope my baby is okay. 


Intended Parents said...


I am so sorry that you didn't get your results. I hope that you get your results this very moment!!! In fact, I bet your next scan will show your baby giving the ultrasound tech the middle finger for delaying this process and causing his/her Mum so much stress.

I know firsthand how incredibly frustrating this is. Dr. Patel did this to me once and then went on vacation for a week and I didn't get my results for what seemed like a decade. GRRRR. I nearly went to India myself to give M a scan.

Hope that you get your beautiful baby scan soon.

xo, Tracy

Sarah said...

Amani. Hang in. I can only imagine how hard this is.

Worrying and freaking isn't going to get you anywhere. It's so hard not to do but you have to dig deep and find your peace. No news is good news. I know that you are waiting for the ball to drop but just believe ok? Your little one needs u to believe and send as much positive energy as you can.

Hugs my friend.

Michaela said...

i shall NEVER complain about waiting for my blood tests to take an extra three days to come back from the lab here in the US, ever..ever again.

thinking of you guys, with peace...

Amani said...

Wow, three days in the States is pretty long. In Australia we go to the clinic in the morning for blood to be drawn and get results by 3pm the same day.

I feel I was very spoiled by our Aussie IVF clinic, apparently not all IVF clinics as this prompt.

Still no results. Maybe tonight, maybe not. At least I know the phone results i got on Tuesday night were not results at all, because the doctor is now telling me they don't have the results. Like, what the heck is going on?

Heather and Jase said...

*Kicks the doctor*

Word verification is patelder

That is my doctors name! minus the der of course.

Bob said...

the service is fucking abysmal

Amani said...

Oooh. Bobby said a bad word.

Bob said...

i love your pic - was that bowl o' piss night?

Oddity Acres Clan said...

I will email you the full deatails Amani, but R and I are seriously considering a full relocation to India.

Not just to become parents to gether but to help Aussie couples along with this bloody gut wrenching processces.

Speak with you over the weekend about it ok.

There is much more involved, but yes. I have an idea.

Love to you and a double measure of patience and peace to you both.

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry Amani. I hope everything turns out well for you and Bob. I love to hear you guys talk, even though I'm only reading it, the little things you say cracks me up. Would love to talk to you in person and hear that Aussie accent. Try to think of other things, I know it is hard and I wasn't tortured as long as you. But you have gotten this far, keep your chin up, tell Bob you need some distraction.....

Amani said...

Sarz, woah - India. Call me or email me.