Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our day ... Heather!!!

Heather, here is your room. If you don't like it we can put Jase and Bob and the kids in here, along with the lazy animals and you and me can go in the king sized "big bed". Maximum comfort, maximum peace while the ferals go fend for themsleves.

Willo did ten minutes worth of work. He really wanted to help but his mother sent him over with a brand new pair of white Nikes ... like ... all ten-year-olds need designer shoes ... anyway, he put on dad's size 12 shoes and did enough for us to say "Good on ya", but not enough for an $80 playstation game. Have to teach this child some lessons about money cause his mother sure isn't. Ahhh, the kids of today!

Goodbye to rubbish. The door will be picked up by someone who wants to salvage. 

Poor tired dog. Her whole role in the clean-up was escaping through the gates onto the street. Twice. Sneaky bugger.

Lucy. She didn't help. She is the queen of the house.

1 comment:

Heather and Jase said...

LMFAO! How did I miss this post?!

Hun, I am a whiz with curtains and rugs I can manage in there!
I'll fix it up for the men and kids.

Now scoot over in that bed, I'm sleepy!