Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rorschach ink blot test ... come and show your skill

Spot the baby! 

Hardly the 3D scan I was told was on its way,
 but an improvement on the last one. I can see limbs! Can you?

What Am saw

What Willo saw

What do you see?

Bubble's technical specifications:

The good bits
Length: 24mm (up only 3.2mm in five days ... cause for concern? Nope.
Measuring : 9 weeks 1 day (should be 9 weeks 4 days, so happy with that).
Heart rate: 173bpm!!! Go bubble.

The not so good bit
 ...  bubble never leaves us with no cause for concern

Bubble's gestational sac is measuring nine days behind his/her size. This explains the reduction in amniotic fluid. O f course I have gone against my own advice and spent several hours with Dr Google. Generally the news is good. Bubble growing, heart rate very strong, sacs can catch up.

The bit I scared the heck out of myself with
I found the only scientific study of 591 pregnancies of gestational age between 35 and 65 days past conception which measured small gestational sacs.

The study's objective was to determine whether a small gestational sac is indicative of miscarriage.  

To calculate the size difference between the baby and the sac, researchers applied the following calculations.  

1. To calculate the mean size diameter (MSD) add all gestational sac measurements and divide by the number of measurements.  

2. Deduct bub's crown rump length (CRL) from the MSD to arrive at CRL:MSD size difference ratio in millimetres.

Study results showed

If baby has a CRL:MSD ratio of lesser than 5mm, there is  a 94 per cent chance of miscarriage. If baby's ratio is 5mm-lesser than 8mm, there is a 26 per cent chance of miscarriage. Miscarriage rate for a ratio of greater than 8mm is ten per cent.

Bubble's ratio: 6mm. That puts us in the 26 per cent chance of miscarriage.

I am so glad I am terrible at math, and that this study sampled only 591 women. Mr Nerdy-Head Super-Math-Brain - He who topped the state in year 12 math finals will no doubt read the blog in the morning and laugh his guts up. He loves to say to me (while patting me on the head in the most condescending manner possible), "Aw, you're so cute when you try to do maths".

It's true. I suck at Maths. English, history and the creative arts are my bent. I am also our family's DIY guru, so who gives a toss about maths when you really only need it to calculate how much you can save on your home extension jobbie.

The finally, the gender reveal!
Bet you didn't think in India, where it is illegal for any medical practitioner to reveal a baby's gender prior to birth,  that we would read the word: female!  

That's right .. female! It's a girl!

Willo spotted it first and shouted "Female" really loudly while excitedly pointing to the computer monitor and gesturing wildly. My heart skipped a year's worth of beats, my brain was thinking:  how could this be???

Then it all became clear. Female: our surrogate is female. 

"Yeah Willo, you  know the lady carrying our baby? She's female." Doh!

Anyway, I have decided bubble is a girl. I did my own double-blind scientific study with the objective of discovering gender outcomes of babies with small first-trimester gestational sacs. The results are in. From a sample of six women I found at various online pregnancy forums, all showing small gestational sacs in first trimester - five had girls.

So, s/he is a she until further I am proved otherwise. 

Ooops ... 3am. I have to stop working so late into the night. Dang I love the peace of quiet of night time to write and progress with my work.


Heather and Jase said...

It looks like my tv when my cable goes out. Love the doodles!

jojo said...

Congratulations! This is a great photo...and I agree with Will, apart from the tail.


Amber and Brian said...

I'm so happy things are progressing well. It definitely hasn't been easy for you but according to Dr. Google you have a 75% chance of NOT having a miscarriage which is wonderful odds. I've been checking your blog whenever I can hoping for good news. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sarah said...

Amani - there is always something. When we were in the first tri - we had more u/s's then usual because there was what looked to be a blood clot where the placenta attached to the uterine wall. U/s technology is too good these days. It makes us worry about things that we typically don't know about. Your little munchkin has a STRONG heartbeat. Focus on that. Her sac will catch up or will just be a little more snuggy.

J and D said...

It really sounds like your baby is growing well. There really is too much to worry about. All we can do is hope. I think your baby looks like a girl. :)