Saturday, April 11, 2009

A slice of our lives - pics Le Abode d'Amour

My fabulous purchase, the lead light french doors. Can't wait to attack them with paint stripper and my trusty Bosch orbital sander. I need sidelights to go with them and am thinking of buying plain ones with frosted glass. Not exactly a match, but close enough.

The windows. I have two with three panes and one with two panes. The three pane windows have to be pulled apart and made into one two pane and one four pane. If only I had a drop saw!

The results of Am's shed cleaning adventure. This is just the small stuff, there is heaps more to pull out. Ugh. Waiting on the mini-skip to arrive.

We have a side yard facing the river (to left of pic). This is the lovely 70's extension that is being demolished. The cream coloured building to the right is the world's largest toilet which comes off the world's largest laundry. Both rooms have mustard-coloured tiles. Yum yum. What a waste of space. The build will take up the whole of this space. No more crappy lawn to mow.

The patio and extension area. Everything to the right of the wall of the main house is going. The shed behind the blue asbestos fence is not ours, that's the neighbour. No backyard at all. We have two grassy areas at the front of the main house and a brick and iron fence. We call that the Amber viewing area because she lies in wait for people to come past and give her a belly rub.


Oddity Acres Clan said...

Aww I am so glad yu have shared with us hun.
I can just imagine how fabulous it will all be when finished.

Michaela said...

1. man i miss aussie homes!
2. i even miss skip bins!
3. i love that you've shared this bit of your life. it rocks so much!!
4. willo is learning the best lessons from you guys.
5. you can tell, because even your pets have got a clue.

x love it!