Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ten weeks today!!!!

Bubble is ten weeks today! I can't believe we have come so far! We are almost out of the first trimester. Where did the time go? At this stage bubble is the size of a small plum.  S/he looks a bit like the attached pics. Everything is formed, the tail has gone and her head is big - just like mummy's. S/he has little fingers and toes and the webbing between them is disappearing. 

I'm still waiting on the scan we had done on Monday. The clinic must be busy. I am busting to see the scan, which I hope will come tonight, because it is a 3D scan and I really want to see at least a bit of a baby outline. Argggh, the waiting. Dr Yash said the other night the reduced amniotic fluid is mild, and should be corrected by hydration and rest. At this stage you can't get a reading on how much or how little fluid is in there, it is too early.

Bubble's nursery is being prepared. I have a plasterer in today bricking up the hole in the wall where we removed the cupboard. That job should be finished by the weekend. I am off to buy a pine wardrobe and chest of drawers to hand paint for my little plum.

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Sara said...

AHHHH!!! Congrats Amani! It seems like just yesterday that you were waiting for beta results! I'm so happy for you guys! I can't wait to see nursery pics!