Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yes, I have the email

and I am as shocked as you are.

I cannot get onto Dr S, but I did speak to Dr Yash. Dr Yash assures me all planned cycles will continue as per usual. SI may be a little slow with administrative processes during this time of change.

SI is delaying enrollment of new clients until June, 09. Sorry, I don't know more, this all happened this morning.


Stephanie said...

Megan, can you send me the e-mail? I wasn't on the distribution list, apparently, and I'm dying of curiousity!


Johnny and Darren said...

I've seen the email from another IP but we weren't included which has me stressed to the max.

We have already paid our close to half our total fee! Waiting on an email from Dr Yash.

Towley said...

Yes email received here too. Informed Johnny&Darren of this email advice . I am not really surprised knowing what little I do know.

Dr Y says it is still full steam ahead. Mumbai here we come, you better be ready for us !!!

Sara said...

I don't know what the email is, but I hope everything is on track and everythings ok in India.

Daria said...

what email? we have decided to go with SI and delayed until the fall. is something big going on?

Amani said...


Don't worry. The email was about Dr S leaving SI. It is all being handled by Dr Yash and her team. It was just such a shock for so many of us because we have all had a lot to do with Dr S and we didn't see this one coming.