Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A darned good day!

Yes, I stayed depression-free and anxiety-free. I also slept all afternoon. But, when I woke up I cooked a linguine marinara with fresh prawns and mussels, and even made a salad. I have not cooked a whole meal and washed up for weeks now. That is a very good sign.

I went to the art store and replenished by paint supplies. Bob was away on site today. when he got home there I was happily priming a canvas. I have not painted for a couple of years now, well not on canvas anyway. Bob was impressed. Also relieved, I am sure, because he could go to work and enjoy being a blokey-bloke on site with blokey-bloke men all dressed in security fluoros instead of the usual boring professional office attire without worrying about crazy wife. (Bob is an electrical engineer, he designs knobs and levers and oil and gas flow meter thingies).

Last night I felt happy. I also felt excitement again. Online surrogacy friends in Australia, Trevor and Pete, just delivered their twin girls Evelyn and Gaia. They are Rotunda clients so they're at Hiranandani Hospital at present. They got on skype and messaged me shortly after the girls were born. How darned sweet to think of me. It gave me such a lift.

Bob and I are thinking July or August for our next trip to India. We still have to choose a clinic, and decide what to do about an ED. But that can happen later, I'm still investigating clinics in Chennai.

I am off to watch crap TV and paint (the canvas, not the walls).


crystal said...

I agree with you. At some point you just have to let go, it's not worth the hassle. When your surrogate gets pregnant, trust that whatever clinic you go to, will do the necessary tests in a timely fashion. At least Dr. Patel did do all the tests, because they really don't want anything to go wrong with the babies. We stayed at a 5 star hotel, and had to agrue with them becuase they booked us on the wrong flight, and then we had to pay again. Instead of saying that they were sorry, they blamed the airline carrier. My husband always said, they are able to execute, but they are unable to follow up or close any deal.

maggie said...

These are all excellent comments. It would be great if Mike and Mike could talk about their journey and how they handled the situation,

maggie said...

Perhaps the new forum 'peas in a pod' could be a good venue

Amani said...

I'll email the Mikes and ask them to join. Though they are blissfully busy with their girls right now.

Amani said...

If you could dial-a-baby through a Mumbai call centre I'm sure they would find a way to do it. For a fee.

Damn, I would sign up for the free garlic naan and a 2.25 litre Pepsi Max.

-- Bob

Amani said...

That is husband of mine. Not me!

Bob said...
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