Monday, May 4, 2009

A great day .. as good as it gets

Bob went back to work this morning. He only did so because I assured him I was okay. I had a shaky start to the day, but no deep grief or depression, and the sadness that still engulfs me at times was not too ferocious today. 

I made a list of ten things to do today. They were all minor things like posting letters, completing and posting a medicare form, getting Bob's trousers out of the bin and actually taking them in to have a new zipper replaced, phoning the dude who needs the measurements for the wood on the windows so he can quote.

I told myself (and a concerned surro buddy) that I would attempt all ten things on the list and if I managed five, it would be a good day. My surro buddy said to me, "And if you can't, well, too bad, just get your phone fixed so we are not wasting money on mobile phone calls."

Well, I did not only achieve the tens things on the list, I did more! And I got the washing done, and dried. And I found the phone handset under our bed and it works.  I saved $89 on having to buy a new phone. 

Now what can I do with $89? The mind boggles.

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