Thursday, May 21, 2009

It never rains, it pours

Or as Katie said, it pisses down.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my mum. My dad was in hospital and was scheduled for open heart surgery. Holy crap. This was something that happened really super quick. Dad went to his GP last Friday for a normal checkup. His GP went through his motes and saw dad (who is 72) had not had an ECG done for ten years. He sent dad to get one done on Monday. The ECG showed a slight abnormality with his heart rhythm.

Tuesday he went to a heart specialist who repeated the ECG and did more testing. They ran dye up through his veins and detected a 90 percent blockage in two of his arteries. He never went home. The next day he was in at 7am for a triple bypass. They took veins from his leg and replaced three of his heart arteries.

What a wake-up call for our family. My poor sick dad, the strongest person in the family, the patriarch, the man who would throw himself infront of a moving train to save one or all of us, so sick and vulernable. And old.

What a shock. I got on a plane Tuesday night (was packed in 5 mins) and got to Brisbane (where our family home is) at the time he was going into surgery. The surgery took four hours and he went to ICU on a ventilator, hooked up to every darned machine that was ever invented. My brother, mum and I went to see him yesterday afternoon. He wouldn't let my bro and I in while he was on the ventilator. They took that out and we went in. What an emotional experience. My poor dad, so ill, so vulnerable. But he looked fantastic, despite the catheter, and the 10 tubes coming out of his neck, and the tubes coming out of this arms and legs, and the oxygen mask.

My dad has looked rather grey and sallow for some time. Despite him lying in an ICU bed after having a bandsaw slice through his sternum and his heart being exposed for repair, he looked so darned good! He was pink! He looked so well.

Dad is very emotional. He has a new lease on life, and he is thanking God for his gift of a second chance of life. He is also greatful his family is here. But where all would we be? We all live in different parts of Australia, but we all came running. Of course. All he could ask for was, "Where is my grand daughter ?

We are all here (with the exception of Bob because he can't fly in til tomorrow night). We are just so relieved and feeling so greatful that this problem was picked up, because with three blocked arteries, he was a ticking timebomb waiting for a heart attack to happen. Perish the thought.

I am more determined than ever to continue with surrogacy. It is our only option, and I want children, and I want more grandchildren for my parents. It is at shocking times like these, when you get such a lucky break, you realise than house renovations, or education or growing financial wealth is all crap. I just want my dad long alive long enough to meet his grandbabies, and that is the one thing I have control over (well, a little).


crystal said...

I hope your dad is feeling better, and its great that you and your family are staying strong. A child will be a wonderful gift, for you and your dad, and it will happen for you!!

GeekByMarriage said...

OMG! I am so glad that doctor insisted on that test! I am relieved to hear he's doing well after such an ordeal.

Jackie said...

You have really been through it dear one! I admire your strength!

Thinking of you and your family and praying that your dad makes a wonderful and speedy recovery!


Todd said...

What a scary episode. For any of us living far from our parents, this is the call you always fear most.

Glad to hear your father has come through it find and I hope the recovery continues to go well. This is major surgery he has just come through, but it far better to be recovering from this than a heart attack...

SwitzerTwins said...

Wonderful news that your Dad is looking/feeling better. I can't imagine a life without my dad. Send him hugs and well wishes from us. Take care of him and yourselves,
Brian, Lisa and Riley

Kerrie and Mark said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. You guys are being tried over and over. How is he doing? Hows Mum and how are u?