Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back on the rollercoaster ride! Delhi here we come!!!


But this time I refuse to sit in the front row.

We have our surrogate, and our donor from South Africa who will travel to India for us!!!!

Does this not all sound like deja vu from last November? 

Both our donor and our surrogate are experienced, which is even better. Our donor is tall and blonde with blue eyes (no surprise there) aged 24 and has already donated, her donation resulting in a pregnancy. We were not able to have our friend as a donor for us as our clinic is not keen to work with known donors.

Our surrogate had transfer with a previous couple, unfortunately it did not result in a pregnancy, possibly due to age of the IM's eggs. I love the fact both these women know what they're getting into as they've been there before, and they're prepared to do it again. Un-freaking-believable news.

Our trip will depend on our donor's cycling dates. We have to go through all the donor- pre-IVF testing of course, which will take up this month, but all things going well, it looks like we are headed for a late July 2009 cycle!!!

Oh please please please let this time be smooth, with a very boring pregnancy and a return trip to Delhi in April 2010 to bring home our babies!!!  

Nicholas, I know you couldn't go on with the last body, but we're going to create you a new one, so please come home. (Oops, I think I just gave away our baby boy name.)


Johnny and Darren said...

Great news you too the boys name.

We are both praying for you to have a very non eventful pregnancy and smooth sailing from here on in.

ReeB73 said...

I am so glad to be reading your blog again with your spirits lifted :)

Good luck A&B

Kerrie and Mark said...

Great news! I am hoping this next time is all good for you and Bob.

crystal said...

Amani, everyone is with you, and we are all hoping for nothing but the best!!

Jon said...

Dear God,
Please PLEASE PLEASE make this happen!

Terry in LA said...

Ever since we started this process, your comments and energy have been contagious - we love reading your posts and felt your pain with your loss. Thank you for never being afraid to say what you think and for always being honest! Glad you are following our blog excited to be following your next chapter.

jojo said...

There are no endings in this journey,only beginnings.

Good luck on your next awfully big adventure.


Mike and Mike said...

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...

Mike and Mike

Amani said...

Happy thoughts and xanax.

Intended Parents said...

So great to have you back!

xoxo, Tracy

Jackie said...

Wishing you success and peace in your new chapter on the surrogacy journey!

Lots of love,


J and D said...

Glad your blog is back!!! Congratulations for things moving along again in the right directions. I have a great feeling this will be it.