Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally - some movement!

Our donor can travel late August. Phew! This means we will do the pre-IVF screening next month and the cycle will start mid-August. While I would like all this to be tomorrow, or yesterday, it is fine ... we have a plan and a general timeline. Now, can anyone tell me if it is Monsoon time in India in late August, and if monsoon only affects Mumbai or the whole of India.  Stupid question, I know, but I have never been to Delhi before.

Amendments tot he plans are done and arrive this afternoon. Apparently all the things I didn't submit to council two days ago are included on the plans, so I can submit everything on Monday. It will take around two weeks to get the amended plans approved, and another four weeks for the building license (the one I thought I already have, but apparently there are two) to be approved. So we're looking at starting the first stage of the work, demolishing the old patio, laundry and toilet, at the end of July. That will give us two weeks to get the slab down, and that takes two weeks to cure, which brings us to the end of August. We may well have a slab by the time we head back to India. How exciting ... a lump of concrete in the side yard. the block work can start when we return from India, then the extension will look more like a house than a demolition site.

Can you imagine me getting this all done by November, when we would have been picking up Nicholas? No way. Maybe he departed because he could see mummy is a habitual over-achiever and wants things done faster than fast. 

And finally, after two trips to the paint sop I finally remembered the paint colour for Will's room. Snow Glow, 100%. It has matched up perfectly. I will be glad to be able to use that room again, even if it may no longer be earmarked for the nursery (the rule is, one baby that's the nursery, two babies and Will has to stay where he is as the existing lounge room becomes the nursery.


Kerrie and Mark said...

After reading the title I was glad to see it wasn't a bowel movement story! Things are rolling now girlie..I beleive everything happens for a reason and your time is now on a different path. Now go build a house!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! A date and a time line!! Makes it so much more real then!

Jackie xxx

Amani said...

Believe me none of it seems real, just another big fat waste of money.

J and D said...

Moving forward is always great news.

crystal said...

Amani, I feel like you!!