Monday, July 27, 2009

Amy's update

Amy's here! smiling.gif I've been having quite the time so far! The lawyer has been so incredible nice. Constantly calling to see how I am fairing and asking if he can get me anything or take me anywhere. He even gave me a cell phone for the duration of my visit so I can get him anytime I need something. He's a wonderful man with a beautiful family who has just gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and try to show of the country he adores. I would recommend him to anyone! 

Today I did some shopping and got some lovely pieces to add to my "paintings from around the world" collection as well as a few other pretties. I am hoping to maybe have to opportunity to hit the market with Meg when she gets here as well. Maybe Wed. before the retrieval...we shall see though. I may have to got shopping to buy clothes before that airlines decided Houston needed my clothes worse than I. Hey Katy, could you run and pick up my clothes for me! ROFL2.gif I told DH today (double Hooray for skype!!!) that he might see me in the same clothes he dropped me off in, lol. 

Saw the doctor today as well and had a quick scan (well as quick as they get with an ovary hiding behind your uterus, lol). She said the follies are looking good. We still have 10-11, most ranging from 15-18mm. She is a huge sweetheart with a wonderful sense of humor. I very much enjoyed chatting with her. She was shocked that I was doing my IM shots by myself and didn't need to go in for help. I told her with four surrogacy transfers under my belt, I've had lots of practice. needle.gif haha.gif

So all is good in eggieland! I am trying to be patient as I keep them warm, but I am SO excited for the fertilization report already!!! 

Meg, my dear, don't worry about me getting here have to do what you have to do. wink.gif I will hold down the fort til you get here. Can't wait to see you! wink.gif


jojo said...

wow! how EGGciting!


Anonymous said...

Could it get any better!!!!


p.s Have a great time in Dehli, and remember the old saying!!!! SHop till you drop, I think you girls will be doing alot of that.

Jan & Myleen said...

I'm THRILLED Sunil is doing over and beyond his call of duty because as you know, your ED's happiness and comfort will positively affect the outcome! Let yourself go and enjoy this experience this time around. It sounds like she's happy with Dr. Shivani too - what a joy. Hoping for babies born close together :-). Hugs, Myleen (sMiles at Pea in an Indian Pod forum)

crystal said...

This is great to here, I wonder if Sunil would mind me asking him a few questions by e-mail. You sound so positive and calm.....keep it up!