Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dates ... hoping for a red-head!

Pics of Amy as a baby. Yes, she has red hair! It comes from her grandfather on the Irish side of the family. Her sister is blonde and so is her son.  It could go either way. Red, blonde, blue or green, I don't mind.

We have a date for EPU - Wednesday next week, July 29, with a transfer date of Friday July 30. We'll be in the two week wait in 9 days time. Gulp. If we get pregnant this time round our baby or babies would be due April 21. Yes, I have been playing with a pregnancy calculator.

Where did the time go? Every day seems to be passing at lightning speed. I don't know what is so different this time round. Perhaps I am just not as obsessed with baby-making these days, or that things are running so smoothly that I can relax and feel calm about this cycle. 

Amy had her CD5 ultrasound done. She has 10 good-sized follicles, right on target. I had a bit of a flip yesterday because I played with Dr Google and scared myself about empty follicle syndrome and other nasty things that could reduce egg numbers. Thanks to my buds who helped me through my little spin. I am feeling so much better today. The silly thoughts sometimes just rock on up out of the blue and it takes non-anxious friends to cut through the fear.

Our surrogate has had an endometrial scan done and is doing well. All the ducks are lined up in a nice little row. We even have progress on the home extension front. Yesterday we received council approval of our plans. I am just waiting for the building license and we're set to go with our build. The next few months are going to be very busy, and life changing. After so much planning, we will at least see the fruits of our labour in a practical sense, starting with demolition of part of our house. Hopefully we will be bringing home our much wanted and dreamed about baby or babies in April, 2010.


Sarah said...

Amani - you make me smile! I am really excited for you and sending you guys so many babydust vibes! GOOD LUCK!

Lisa RM said...

Reds Rock! No bias or anything.

Stephaniekb said...

ooooh, I've always wanted a redheaded child. I figure my ginger-colored cat is the closest I'm going to get!

Amber and Brian said...

I'm so glad things are moving forward. I will be praying everything goes smoothly and perfectly for you!

Kerrie and Mark said...
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Rebecca said...

I wish you all the luck in the world! I just have a good feeling for you this time...Can't wait to see that ultrasound of those twins!

Oddity Acres Clan said...

I have left off writing to you for a fair while now, due to many different things going on in both our lives.

Needless to say I am back.. and couldnt be happier for you both!!

Please know you are in all our prayers. xoxox
P.S. Red heads ROCK!!