Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freaking council

I am making these for the daddy at this weekend's baby shower. The daddy nurser gives men the opportunity to bond with baby through breast feeding. I could use a set myself. (Idea and pic courtesy of 101 Useless Japanese Inventions, Kenji Kawakami).

Home extension delayed again. Blasted council, this time the licensing division, wants a bunch more information. Why is it that the planning division could not communicate with the licensing division and give as for all this information in one hit a month ago? Bureaucracy. Now I have to pay the designer and the engineer to amend our plans for a third time. Grrr

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Anonymous said...

Boy I hope the Daddy to be at the baby shower does not see this photo, as I'm sure that he might just forget to pick you up from the airport.

And I speaking on behalf of all daddy's through out the world, there is not a chance in hell that he would wear that.

But thats just my opion, we will have for your blog posting after the baby shower to wait to find out how it goes. And if the daddy to "be" did end up picking you up from the airport.

Have fun, and good luck.......