Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Singapore

Just landed in Singapore. We have a two hour layover, then it's onto a Jet Airways flight to Delhi. What else does one do when there is free internet and one has nothing to do? Amy has had her triggr shot and EPU is schedule for approximately 12 hours time.

The flight here was great. I slept the whole way. Bob got in two movies, I got in around 1 million zzzzzzzzs. This means I will be awake on the five hour leg to Delhi, while husband slug snores. I probaby won't get any sleep tonight.

I's a bit of a shock to the system landing in the tropics after four degree nights in Perth. Delhi will be hot and wet, and as we are staying at a B and B, there will be no pool to laze around, nor an ocean view.

Thanks to everyone who emailed before we left. We're feeling good. Please pray, meditate, dance nude in the moonlight, offer sacrifices to the Goddess of Fertility, or do whatever it takes to help us create healthy embies for a successful pregnancy.

(PS. If you dance nude in the monnlight for us, don't forget to take pics so I can blog them.)


maggie said...

tried to leave a message of luck for you, Bob and Amy at the hotel. Not sure if i made myself understood, anyway, your all in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Bob we'll be at the church over the next few nights lighting candles,

crystal said...

Hi Girl,

Najla and I were just talking about you and we are following every move that you make. I cannot wait to here how things are going. STAY STRONG!!!

JAM said...

We went to bed last night and thought "Amani and Bod will be in the air on their way to India!". Good luck and travel safe!

jojo said...

Thinking of you all the time and hoping, hoping, hoping for good news to follow.


Jan & Myleen said...

ALERT!!!! Anyone have Megan's (Amani's) mobile phone numer? Her lawyer in India said she hasn't arrived yet and it has been over 6 hours since her arrival time.... please e-mail me (myleenjan@yahoo.com) right away! Or call me at 1-508-333-9563 at anytime. I am very worried.

Jan & Myleen said...

Sunil just found Megan, whew!!!! You can call off the dogs now :-)... her taxi got lost and brought her to another hotel. Sunil is driving her to the correct B&B now, but still, what a crazy night that must have been. Let's hope that is the only bump in the road.

Jackie said...

Hey you! So thrilled and excited for you...I know it is stressful, thrilling, scary, exciting and so many other emotions all tied up in one!

I am thinking of you every minute and and wishing that all goes smoothly!


PS Trust you to get lost in Delhi! ARGHHHHH!!!