Saturday, July 11, 2009

I had to post it ...

For anyone who thinks having children via surrogacy is unusual ...

Murderer 'fathers kid from behind bars'

It's been revealed that a murderer has fathered a child from behind bars after smuggling his sperm out of jail in a serious breach of the NSW prison security system.

Three high-ranking officials have been stood down from their jobs at the prison pending an investigation, while a nurse and a doctor who helped the prisoner move the sperm out have also been suspended, The Daily Telegraph reports.

It's understood the criminal's sperm survived the trip from prison 10 months ago and he was able to impregnate his girlfriend in another state. His baby boy was born last month.

The offender and the jail cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The jail general manager, security manager and a superintendent were all stood down.

An IVF expert, who asked not to be named, said sperm could survive for 48 hours outside the body if kept warm.

"I'd say it's pretty unusual but it's possible that this happened," the expert said.

"It would have to be kept at body temperature, so you could just stick it inside your shirt."

The NSW Department of Corrective Services has refused to comment on the matter.


Mike and Mike said...

Where the heck do you get this stuff? ROFL

Mike A.

Amani said...

Just our local news service. How embarrassing that this happened in Australia, not some crooked country where bribes and lawbreaking are the norm. Ouch to us.