Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lost in Delhi

We finally meet! Sleep deprived but very happy. Amy and me at the Delhi B and B. Myleen, they have installed TVs in the jacuzzis! This place rocks!!!

After EPU. Amy was bouncing off the bed - that girl needs horse tranquilisers to knock her out.

We created quite a stir with our arrival, or rather, non-arrival in Delhi. Our plane was delayed in Singapore, so we landed later than excpected. Delhi airport was easy to negotiate, customs was very fast and we were through in fifteen minutes. By then it was around 3.30am. Yours truly had decided to not inconvenience the hotel staff by collecting us in the wee hours of the morning - big mistake - so we organised a pre-paid taxi at the airport and were on our way. To where? Buggered if we knew. The one piece of paper printed out but not in our folder of important documents was the hotel address, phone number and our lawyer's phone number. Doh!

We spent the next two hours driving aound Greater Kailish - the correct suburb - looking for Delhi B and B. When we realised no-one, in partiuclar our non-Emglish speaking taxi driver, seemed to know of the place, we asked for directions to Phoenix Hospital. I knew there was a hotel called the Velvet Apple four doors from the hospital. The plan was to find the hotel, ask to use their internet, get the address of the B and B and have the taxi driver take us there.

Plan B. After frving around aimlessly for ages, sleep deprived, hote, feeling ill and desperately in need of a bed, the driver found Velvet Apple!!! Bob asked to use the internet, but couldn't because he wasn't a guest. To cut a long story short, we had to book in for the night, so we did. We had Amy's mobile number but didn't want to wake her, so Bob sent a text message telling her what happened. As it turns out, Bob used the international cose on the message and while it appeared to be sent, it didn't go through. At 6am after 16 hours travelling we caught two hours sleep then phoned Amy. Boy, were we in trouble! The search party had been out. Our hotel manager Rajeesh was looking for us, our lawyer Sunil was looking for us, he's called Myleen in the USA who was looking for us. Oops! Sorry all, it was a comedy of errors ... but we finally arrived at our fantastic B and B and finally met our Amy!

So, who could then sleep? Not me. It was wonderful meeting Amy in person for the very first time after two years. Yes, I cried. Then hugged, and cried and sat down for breakfast where I just started at her. Wow - she is so pretty! Bonus. Good looking kids! It is amazing, Amy has so many similar features to me. Our eyes are the same, our hair the same (she is very pale strawberry blonde and so am I if I don't get my hair coloured). She is confident and bold and friendly, like me, but she has a softness and sense of "chill" that I don't posses. Double bonus. I don't want my of my intensity nor proclivity for anxiety being passed onto our children.

A quick update about our cycle. With no sleep at all yesteday, Ames went in for egg pick up last night. She had ten eggies, of which 7 were big, fat, mature and injected. We are waiting for fertilisation results which come tonight.

We may transfer on Friday but have hitch a little glitch. Our surrogate Sumita, has had breakthrough bleeding, which means she has lost some of her lining. It may thicken up by Friday for a two day transfer, or not. At yesterday's scan she was down to 6.8mm - the doc won't transfer at anything les than eight mm - so we may have to freeze embies and go for a FET next month, but maybe not. These things happen. I ams o glad our doctor told us about this and didn't just transfer to a poor lining and give us less chance of a positive.

I will update more later, there is shopping to do, massage to be had. Our B and B is awesome, so is the doctor and the hospital - Western standards - Ames and I were very impressed. George - Bob says to take hand sanitiser when you go for a sample - the room is just a normal single bed ward room, with a toilet and wash basin, but no soap or towels. It's a big room, plenty of space for you to bring your collection of blow up friends. (Check in the wardrobe, Bob left his sheep for you).


jojo said...

you have the same smile :)

got everything crossed for a thick,juicy lining.


Lisa RM said...

Crossing all crossable things.

crystal said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story, you have no idea how many people you are helping.

Stephaniekb said...

Yes you two look very similar! How wonderful and strange! Loved your stories, and jealous of the high-quality hotel and hospital. We're in Hirandani now with our little one, and can't wait to check out! Hoping it works out for a transfer for you this month... you don't deserve to wait any longer!

Jackie said...

so cute! Love the post...thanks for keeping us updated!

Whatever it takes....we want a positive for you!!!!


Rebecca said...

Everything will work out....if her lining isn't thick enough then next month...this is gonna work for you, I can feel in my heart!!!

TABI said...

Good luck with this cycle! Very exciting! Hoping you get a nice fluffy thick lining!