Monday, July 6, 2009

More surprises

It's all happening. 

Our surrogate, S, has started her cycle and meds. We have our medical protocol so I am about to go online IVF med shopping for our Ames. 

In other good news, I can pay for it. The refund cheque from the lawyer in the USA arrived ... yay to $2650 you didn't expect to ever see.

Now, to get this house extension running smoothly. Why are plumbers and electricians so difficult to get hold of?

I think I am actually starting to get excited again!


jojo said...

You should be excited! This is great news.

I'm really really hoping this is the one. x

Niels and Alexander said...

Good that you feel excited again! I say WoW to the 'diy' meds part your doing! Fingers crossed for you!

Mike and Mike said...

You got the money back from the lawyer? WOW....will wonders never cease! Take this as a good sign...sending you positive thoughts!

Mike and Mike

Jackie said...

It won't be long now! How exciting for you both! I am proud of you for being positive and finding a way to make this happen!