Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving forward . . . on all fronts

A few good days. 

Things are happening and I can see both our home extension plans and our surrogacy plans taking shape. The extension has been three years in the planning and has been scaled down from a completely unaffordable "pie in the sky, but let's design it and see if we can afford it cause we don't have kids and never will" fantasy to our "one level box out the side of the existing house" extension. 

My days are now filled with phoning tradies, picking their brains, speaking to all and sundry in the building industry, and basically trying to get a team of good tradespeople to do our extension. I have been pleasantly surprised. I have so much help and suddenly it all seems easy.

So how the heck could we have managed this build as well as a baby pickup, and all the prep that goes with that, in November. Everyday I feel grateful that Nicholas decided to come later. I guess our spirit baby knew more than his parents. We are confident he is still with us, and he is coming back, and we are at peace with our recent loss and subsequent grief.

We are doing all the testing things with Amy, and her results have been excellent. The ED contracts are done, the first lot of money has been wired (scaryyyyyy... been there, done that before). But what do you do? Quit? Nope. Ames is waiting for her prescription and medical protocol, and I guess we'll be off to India in around four weeks time.

A win out of the blue
For those that know I have been chasing down a lawyer in Arkansas for return of funds sent that were never earned. We have action. I got up at 2am this morning to go check on the boys, the cats, the dog, have a pee,  ... and check the email ... as you do. And there was the most surprising email ever. I couldn't believe it.

The email was a two-liner from the scurrilous lawyer - Monica Mason - that I have been chasing down for the past eight months. Numerous phone calls, emails and letters to this "professional" went unanswered. So, I wrote to the Arkansas Supreme Court, Office of Professional Conduct and complained.  Two months and many letters later, finally, she was backed into a corner and she had to justify her position. And she could not. 

Despite promoting herself as a trustworthy surrogacy and family lawyer, and running a surrogacy agency, where she courts international clients, provides surrogacy and ED services, and does all the legal things necessary in the surrogacy-friendly state of Arkansas, she offered us so much, accepted our money, and when we had to cancel because we could no longer afford surrogacy in the USA, we never heard from her again. 

Until last night. This is her business. Beware.

Monica Mason told the OPC that she had sent us $1500 via mail but the cheque was never cashed at our end. Hmm. How difficult would it have been for her to phone or email and say I am sending you a cheque. Or to email or phone to say, "Did you ever cash that cheque I sent you?" That never happened and I believe there never was a cheque sent.

Anyway, she has agreed to refund us the amount I requested as being fair - US$2650. Bonus for us. Apparently the new check "in the mail" will come via registered post this time. LOL. We'll see. 

On the topic of money, we are still waiting for our refund from Surrogacy India. Sadly it has not arrived. Being sent from India we understand it may take some time to arrive, but really, more than two weeks thus far? 

Promises again, but we'll see.

Thanks to our online bud "J" for all your advice and for getting a stick to my butt and telling me to keep on chasing down the rotten operators in this surrogacy business. There are many. But the good operators far outweigh the bad, and do not take my experiences as being the norm.

At the end of the day, those that stand up get what they deserve. In our case. Respect.

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crystal said...

Good for you Amani, never let the bastards wear you down!