Friday, July 10, 2009

Shakin' Dog ... anxiety

Mmm. What delectable treats are in this packet?

Please mummy, just give me the Greenie.

How could anyone deny such a cute doggie anything?

These pics are for you Jax. You can see I bought greenies for Amber. She loves them. Well, she loves food of any kind, being a labrador. I finally caved in and watched Marley and Me on DVD a couple of nights ago. Bad idea! I cried so much I had to use a towel. My eyes were so swollen the next day I told people I had allergies. Damned movie. It was just too close to home with Amber being a golden labrador, who exhibits around 80 percent of Marley's bad behaviour, and all his loving behaviour plus some. The scene where he was put to sleep was just awful and all I could see was our girl there. Ugh. If you are a dog person and in any way feeling emotionally tender,  DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE - you will howl.

Back to surrogacy:
I woke this morning shaking. It has been a hectic week with too many people traipsing through the house. Today I opened my diary and realised that Amy starts her meds in one week's time. Woah. We have the script and it is being filled online and shipped to the US. If all goes according to my cycling calendar, Amy should be leaving for India around July 25, and we'll be travelling around July 27, though this could be a few days earlier depending on the arrival of Amy's next period.

Today is July 10. Where did the time go? Like really, I thought we still had a month and bit, but no, we have less than three weeks before we fly out. We'll be in the 2ww before we know it. I think that is what is making me feel very nervous. I can't believe we are doing this again, but I'm glad we are.

Babies galore:
Congratulations to the Bonjourparenthood boys on the birth of Christopher and Spiros. You don't often see twin boys in IVF, usually twin girls or  boy/girl twins. They are beautiful little boys and doing well.

In the coming weeks the Indian surrogacy community has the birth of three babies - CJ and S, SKB and CH, and Australian twins due soon after. Then there is Jax who is 22 weeks. Whoot. There have also been many births through Dr Patel's clinic recently. I am very much enjoying OPB (other people's babies) as I know we'll get there one day. we would have been 22 weeks yesterday. We would be so stressed and ill-prepared for Nicholas. I want to enjoy our pregnancy and be able to focus solely on our baby(ies) without having to bend my mind around house building. I am confident we will have the house to lock-up stage by Christmas, and perhaps even have the kitchen installed. I am hoping for an April birth, the earliest our baby could be born full term. But we all know babies decide to arrive when they are ready, not when we are.

I fly back east next week for a baby shower I have been helping organise. I have been baby shopping and buying little baby things, which are so darned cute. I really do have to stop pulling out the wallet. But heck, how can you resist?

I'll spend three days away next week, return for one week, then we're off to India. (Please God, let there be no delays, pleeeeeeeeze. I don't think I can handle any more waiting).

Best wishes to all the soon-to-be-parents and those in their two week waits, also to those about to depart for India. There are so many of us these days I have lost track of all the journies.


Anonymous said...

You guys just seem so bissy, how do you do it all. That dog of yours looks like it is a little spoilt. A baby shower in the works as well, that sounds fun. Then back to India, your lives are really going ahead. Best of luck and I really hope that you enjoy your time out east.


Sarah said...

I have to say I totally admire your attitude. You are going for it and it sounds like you have a great team behind you. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.

Jackie said...

What the heck are in those Greenies tha makes them like them so much! Zeus is addicted! Loved the photos...thank you!

Can't wait to hear how the baby shower went. I so wish I was there with you guys!

Glad to see that all is moving along on the surrogacy front!