Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cycling again ... third time now

Not much to tell. Our new doc has given us a tentative schedule. Our surrogate starts meds this week, and our donor is being prepped.

This will all happen in India, and we no longer have any control. At this stage, we just have to trust what our new doc and what she is doing. Fuck it all, we won't eve be in the same country as our children when they are conceived. A major personal blow to us, but hey, what are our options? At this stage - be there or quit. 

I guess at this stage we have had to give up control completely. If we have a bub or bubs through surrogacy in india, we will be extremely lucky. 

Once upon a time I blurted out our whole journey with surrogacy in India. I can no longer do that. 

Crap ... where are my babes? How much does one have to try?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you are alone in this difficult situation.
We are trying our 4th cycle now...absolutely no control on what is done in Mumbai, but this is may be better that way...just relax and wait...;

Alph said...

Amani, so sorry to hear that you're feeling this way.
Surely this time you have the best chance of all your attempts so far.
We will be extremely lucky if any of this work out but it must do now.

Jackie said...

Thinking of you both! I know how stressful and difficult this journey is.....your time will come. Believe in that!