Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG! I woke up this morning to ....

A gun pointed at me!!!!

Can you believe it? I am NOT joking.

Fortunately it was a police officer holding the gun, not a robber. The gun's red light was pointing at my stomach. Nice. I was not being arrested for clandestine criminal activities, but because the neighbour called the police thinking we had been broken into.

Bob and I were both in a very deep sleep, and the back door was wide open (thanks to Bob). Our neighbour didn't know we were home from India and she had been looking out for our house. She saw the door open, and rather than come in herself and potentially face a robber, she called the police.

We were in the lounge room asleep on the two couches,  with Amber, who would have alerted our neighbour that we were at home. We were so deeply asleep I didn't wake until two police officers were knocking on the closed lounge-room door. 

What a surprise when I opened it! All I could see was a sea of blue and this red light coming out of the gun. Still half asleep, I asked : "What? What's happening?" The police officer explained and the gun was put back in its holster once my neighbour identified us as belonging to the house. 

Can you believe Bob slept through the whole thing!!! I will take away his pocket money if he ever again leaves the backdoor open while we are asleep.


Lisa RM said...

Glad you are safe! It could have been worse- you could have been arrested in your own home. O_o

bumpfairy said...

Wait... the police knocked on the door, expecting the ROBBER to answer it??!!