Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy days

Not a whole lot going on here. It's raining and I am waiting for something special to arrive. Our EPU is coming up faster than I realised. The home extension is on hold as we move forward to a new pregnancy chapter in our lives. The communication with our new doc continues to be excellent. All prices are outlined clearly. The doc has even worked on lower pricings for multiple tries. She realises this can be very expensive for IPs and that not everyone gets pregnant first go. 

I continue to be hopeful, a little excited and very happy with our new hospital.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the communication is excellent with the new doctor. Makes a huge difference to your daily emotional well being.


Michaela said...

hey megan,

what we learn from past experiences is so valuable, huh? i'm so glad your determination and resolve is as strong as ever. but then.. that maternal instinct doesn't just go away in a snap!

rainy days are good days -- reflection and comfort :) it's summer here, and while i'm enjoying it, i see the trees starting to drop their leaves and i know our 'bedding down' time is coming soon! nice...