Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stupid me!

Lounge/dining at India Luxury Homes B and B Delhi. My pic makes it look crap. 

I think this is the same pic, but more curtains. 

There is a market - M Market - a walk from where we stayed. Amy and I had street Mehendi done. You can see around my wrist the henna has melted, it was an extremely hot and sweaty day. This pic does no justice to the fine work the artists - sweaty Westerners sweated off their fine efforts almost immediately. Also, I couldn't stay still long enough for it to dry. Both Amy and I were so very impressed with the artistic ability and incredible speed of the guys who decorated two foreigner's hands and feet in the name of fun. I've been back for more than a week now and there are a few traces of the dye on my hands. My feet and ankle design (next pic) are still intact.

My feet, complete with Delhi heat cankles. I swear my feet are not that fat! Again, a bit of sweating made the fine art work fuzzy. Amy got an upper arm design in addition to her feet and hands. I tried to convince her she needed a "crack tatt" which she calls "arse antlers" or at least some boobie art, but she wouldn't be in it. She's just no fun at all!!! 

I just found a bunch of comments ready for me to moderate and publish or deny. Sorry guys, I have now published your comments, and I thank you for them. i've never had a moderated blog before, but sadly there are idiots out there in blog land, not evens surrogacy people, who want to bleat on about how all my troubles are because of my "discusting" (sic) ethics, and how God will not allow someone with my ethics to become a parent. These comments don't hurt me, nor even amuse me these days, as I know these trolls hit all the surrogacy blogs - US and Indian. Most likely they are fanatical conservative religious zealots, certainly not people from the surrogacy community. Wish they would learn to spell.

Anyway, I have finally uploaded my pics from Delhi. You will notice they are pretty light on. We went to dinner with Rajeesh who owns India Luxury Homes B and B in Delhi (and other places) for his third wedding anniversary, and family. While there, somehow the camera got stuck on time lapse, and I couldn't take pics. So, I did what I knew best with my camera - a semi-professional outfit in the hands of an amateur with a desire to take awesome photos - and formatted the disk. I lost all the pics. Yes, all of them. Okay, no big drama ... at least I learned something. Do not press the "okay" button if your camera asks you if you wish to format your memory card. 

Ames is sending me pics from her camera. For now, enjoy what little I have.

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