Friday, August 7, 2009

we have a new ED ... update

We have a new ED. 

So much goes on behind the scenes, that is never blogged, even if one is a prolific blogger like me. At this stage in our journey I no longer share the day to day nitty gritty, cause I don't have time and I care not for the losers who do the anonymous posts about how unethical we are, and what baaaaad parents yada yada yada we will be.

So the blog has now been set to comment moderation.

Yes, we are out of bucks and we are going Indian ED. This has always been an issue for me, not for Bob, for many reasons I can no longer be bothered to share. Those of you who know me know the story, support me and understand this not about culture or skin colour .... eh, can't be arsed to explain.

If we had more money we would consider flying in another donor to India, but we are so satisfied with the choice of donors offered by our new doc and hospital, we are happy. 

This is how we chose our donor: 
1. proven donor, not once but multiple times (ie. successful IVF cycles and pregnancies). 
2. medical background of donor provided
3. ... would like to say we went for looks, but we didn't get a photo so we told our doc "We like them all" ... you choose!

And she did.

We cycle in 4 weeks with EPU in 6 weeks.

Our road has been long and hard, and so many of you were shocked with our latest results. Thank YOU... for emailing ... but we really are okay. I know we probably should be feeling worse than we are. But we truly are okay because we know this will work, we have a hospital we trust, we have every protection in place and we just have to let it go.


Sarah said...

Hi Am.

Did they give you the antral follicule count of the donor? Make sure that it is high for each ovary. I can only use myself as an example - remember I had to turn to surrogacy because of health reasons. I had 10 resting follies on one and 13 on the other. With a very low dose of meds, I produced 27 eggs. My FSH was 6.8. I would say from my own personal experience that you would be looking for #'s like those as my Dr. told me that if my circumstances were different, I would be an ideal ED. Know what I mean? You totally don't have to post this blog comment, I just wanted to say my part because I know what you have gone through and I just want this to work for you SO BADLY! GOSH! Hugs and I am glad that you are moving forward again. You are super strong and I think that so many could benefit from your attitude.

Jackie said...

Well done kiddo! So glad that you are relaxed and taking it all in your stride!


jojo said...

six weeks - that's no time at all. what very very very very very good news.