Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another two week wait : (

Stybarrow -  an FPSO (Floating Production, Storing and Offloading) vessel where my Bob will live and work for the next two weeks.

My darling husband left at 5am this morning to work off shore for two weeks. There were lots of kisses and "I love yous" and a few hidden tears from me. He will live on Stybarrow, an FPSO off the coast of Western Australia. An FPSO is a floating tank system used by the offshore oil and gas industry designed to take all the oil and gas produced by nearby platforms, process it, and store it until the oil and gas can be loaded into a tanker or transported through a pipeline. (Hope I got that right Bobby).

Bob is an electrical engineer. I think his job is to design and work on the instruments that make all this stuff work. So next time you turn on your gas heater, hot water system, or electricity, please think of Bob and the people who help us we get our energy.

We've not been separated for more than a week in the past four years. I am NOT happy about this, and had a few teary sessions last night, because I love him so much and I will miss him so much. I would make a terrible military wife. Two weeks is nothing compared to the length of separation our military families have to endure, and nowhere near as dangerous. But crap, I am lonely already. I also don't get to see Willo for two weeks while his dad is away. That sucks big time too.

So, for the next two weeks I'll be "batching it". Ho hum. It's me and the dog and the cats and skype (lucky he got a lap top for Father's Day, what a coincidence). I suspect this blog will also be a source of contact for each other, so bear with us, he is SO going to miss me (mwahahahahaha).

Send me your comments, jokes and emails to entertain me. I feel very alone right now and need some humour from my online mates.



Mandy said...

You are never alone with us hun. I know wxactly how you feel, my hubby does the same, he does Heating/Ventalation/Air Conditioning....which contains electrical, plumbing, ect. So we have never been apart for more than a week as well. When u love someone so much and are do attached to them, the water works start at ANY time.

Please know u always have us too!!

Jackie said...

Well, now that I have Skype hooked up, we can chat every day!!!

Use the time to spring clean or do a project or chore that you have been meaning to do!


jojo said...

pull my finger! lol.

(that sounded funnier before I read the sincere comments above)

Stephaniekb said...

I must be a very bad married lady, or at least I was single too long -- I actually enjoy when my husband goes away, at least for a few days. Leaving me for 3 weeks during prime lawn-care season was a little hard, though -- I had to be very careful not to kill "his" lawn!

Hope the time goes fast for you..... maybe you should start working on that book!

crystal said...

Get yourself a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and call it a day! Make sure it is cold!

Bob said...

Hello honey bunny!