Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dates and delicious day dreams

I received a really long email from our new doc last night explaining how a long IVf/surrogacy protocol works. I finally understand it! I've only ever done the short (flare or antagonist) protocol with my own IVF, where you start your cycle and meds start on CD 2.

The long protocol is the gold standard and apparently has a better success rate.

I wrote all the dates of when meds start, and when the various tests are done into a spreadsheet and came up with an EPU date of October 19, with transfer October 22 and a pregnancy test on November 4. My birthday!  Then I plugged the numbers into a due date calendar and determined our babies' births to be on July 8, 2010. My brother's birthday. Yay, a moody little home loving Cancerian with an unshakeable dedication to family.

This then led to day dreams of announcing our pregnancy on my birthday and being in Delhi where our bubs will be born on my brother's birthday. I could feel the happiness and the joy, and the excitement. Then I fast-forwarded to babies' Christening and what I would write on the letters to our bubs' God-parents (the aforementioned atheistic brother and Bob's Catholic-raised but slightly new age spiritualist sister). Ahhhh ... it was so nice ... and then I woke up.

Cycles rarely go according to plan, particularly when two women are being synched, so our dates above could be anything up to two weeks later. But it is nice to have something almost concrete in place, and an idea of where we're headed and approximately when. 

I remain very happy with our doctor, her swift communication and thorough explanation of things I don't understand. She has chosen for us her most fertile donor, who has just produced triplets from her last cycle. She understands we have suffered loss in the past, and that our last cycle was incomplete, and I think she wants this as much as we do.

I have asked for photos of the surrogate accommodation which are being taken soon. We felt very annoyed about paying for surrogate accommodation and a caretaker with our last clinic, only to discover our surrogate (and others) had never moved to new accommodation. We need to be sure that what we're paying for is being provided to our surrogate. Our doctor is providing pretty much everything we request, answering every question in detail and is not at all focussed on us getting the money in. She truly rocks!


jojo said...

And your transfer date is the day after Timmy's birthday. Even more good signs.


Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hey there love, can you email me please and let me know what hospital etc you are using.. We look like we can go and try again in June!!

crystal said...

Thanks for that post, so many people are confused by it all. It sounds like things are working out, and that you have a good doctor in place.

Mandy said...

Great to hear there are dates! Baby steps are happening hun.