Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photos for my bubba husband. I miss you

Some pics for my darling husband. He can't get access to pics on his email and so much has happened here in the past two weeks while he has been away on that dumbo ship. 

Bubble, this is the crappy cheap-arse cabinet we bought ages ago, that we never looked after, that we let Willo paint all over, that we stored all the gardening equipment. It took a while to refurbish ... but she is done. She is on the front verandah outside the front door, not bad I say!

I bought a new bin. You know how much we hated our bin? It is gone. Ambie cannot work out how to get the lid open on this new one, therefore she can no longer bin raid. Yay for us! Yay for Amber's waistline.

New bathroom cabinet. How rocking is this? Finally, a place to put our shampoos, your funky men products, my funky chick products, ... Ha ha ha. you know what I mean. 

A close up of same. See that freaking power point in the way. Yah, it has to be moved so we can open the left hand door. For now, it's all good!

Renos and surrogacy aside: the best ever news is this:

We have our girl back! And she is happy and she did us a painting!

So many good things have happened while you have been away. But I just want you home. And so does Amber-tron-of-dogs. Three more sleeps, and three too many.