Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updated travel warning for Mumbai

Premier cancels trip over terror fears

September 20, 2009

Article from: The Sunday Telegraph

TERRORISM concerns have prompted Victorian Premier John Brumby to cancel his planned Mumbai visit during a mission to India.

His office released a statement today, indicating the Premier will spend extra time in Delhi and not go ahead with time in Mumbai, planned for Wednesday and Thursday. 

The last minute change was made following updated travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). 

On Friday, DFAT updated its travel advice for India stating: "Credible information indicates that terrorists may be planning further attacks in Mumbai, including at places frequented by tourists, in September or October 2009." 

DFAT's overall level of travel advice for India has not changed from urging a high degree of caution.

Travel advice for India is available at or at 1300 139 281. 


Towley said...

But New Delhi is OK to travel to ?

Amani said...

It's not on the list, but there is always advice against travelling anywhere in India.

rahul said...

Its really sad story. We should unite against terror. well i hope India will be good place to travel soon.