Friday, October 23, 2009

All good!

We have another scan result, still 13 follies, all a good size and all on track.

I know we don't get eggs from each follicle, but thus far it looks like we will have enough for a decent shot at one transfer. Our sweet SM is doing well, no problems ... We have another scan Saturday, trigger shot planned for Sunday, and EPU 36 hours later. Then we join our buds in the two week wait.

Yay for us! Yay for our first forum positive, and yay for our people in the two week wait. We had one negative, last week, but things move really fast with PH. Our "negative result"  daddy will be in the two week wait with a FET in two weeks. Nice work Dr S!

Yay also for the surrogacy bub born last week through PH, named Maya Shivani. So sweet. I have a pic but can't post it for obvious reasons. Our doc feels so honoured to have a bubble with her name as a middle name. She thinks this is amazing, but I understand the gratitude and love we have for the docs who care so much for us. Others have made their docs God Parents, which is a beautiful thing. I have to say, I am really liking the name Shivani.

Exciting times.

Today I ordered 9000 bricks, and things called lintels, and six metres of brickies' sand, and things called brickies scaffolding. Also stuff called brickie's damp, and wall ties and ... the list goes on. It has all proven to be very easy. I am gobsmacked with how scared I was about thinking of being an owner builder a short six months ago, to now find it is working perfectly.  I checked out the budget today and we are $14,000 down on the estimator's quote. Nice work Meg! I am so proud of myself.

Happy days for us.

To my dear cycle buddy from our old clinic: Happy mummy's day for Tuesday. I can't believe the day is almost here. While we would have had our Nicholas due at this time, I feel no pain, things were not right for us as I now realise. You went through so much more than we ever did, made none of this public, and you have endured so much pain. 

I am just so happy you are three days away from meeting your beloved baby!!!!


Jackie said...

Your time will be here before you know it! You are in my thoughts every day and I will be praying that things continue to go well!


Niels and Alexander said...

That number sounds great, keep my fingers crossed for you guys.